The cremePR approach


Research is at the heart of our business. Without it, we wouldn't be able to communicate effectively with your target audiences. We squirrel out the finer details of who we're trying to communicate with — what they do, what they read, where they go
 and plan your campaign with them front of mind.

Media intelligence

We take the time to research the columns, pages and programmes that can have the maximum impact for your business, ensuring we get you in all the right places. Your sector press helps us to understand your industry issues, emerging issues, hot topics, where you fit in, and what you can talk about both to them and to your wider audience. We also keep you up to speed with what's going on.

Our working day starts with The Today Programme and BBC Breakfast News before taking in the newspapers and online media. This way we're in a strong position to hijack the news agenda with your commentary when there's a natural fit. Sometimes this requires you to drop everything to speak to journalists but we know it can generate oodles of coverage and can develop strong links with media outlets.

Creativity that works for you

Our campaigns generate the results that matter to you. We don't come up with bonkers ideas for ideas sake; only campaigns that will fit your strategy. In fact we're very structured in our approach to creativity. We make sure that any ideas meet a set of measurable objectives agreed with you up front.

What you can expect from us

  • Proactive and reactive approach to the media
  • Clear targets
  • Measured results
  • Always available for crisis management
  • A proven team
  • Hungry for results
  • Straight talking
  • Tel: +44 1525 840651
  • Maria: +44 7932 644771