Our services

No two PR campaigns are ever the same; we tailor them to fit each of our client's requirements. But we do promise to work hand-in-hand with you to fulfil your communications needs, whether that is to develop your brand, put you in front of the media, prepare for a crisis, launch a product, or even write your web copy for you.

Here's a quick snapshot of what different campaign components look like.


Our messaging sessions at the start of every campaign help us to work out the core messages — what we want to communicate about you — that form the basis of everything we do together, including setting the benchmarks for our evaluation.

Profiling experts

Become a respected commentator in your target market. The media are always on the lookout for valid opinions, expertise and knowledge. We will help you to develop your talking points so that you can stand out from the crowd and be seen by whom you want to be seen by.

Crisis management

An unmanaged crisis can escalate very quickly. The media can spread news that can damage your reputation internally and externally at the push of a button. Before a crisis even happens, we can help you to assess potential risks within your business and help you to create a crisis action plan with measures, messages and procedures. We can also work with you to identify and brief the right people to deliver those messages in an emergency situation, who can be trained to speak to the media by a leading national journalist.

However, if you find yourself in a bit of a pickle with the press, we can drop everything to help you. We will do everything from working out the right approach to take with the media, creating holding statements and ongoing messages, staging press conferences if necessary, and taking care of all the media calls. We can even help you 'tidy up' afterwards with a positive media campaign!

Product placement and press launches

Got a new or existing product or service to market? No matter what you'd like us to promote, from jewellery, shoes, food, or technology, if you want to get in front of a target audience and get noticed, we can design a communications programme for you. This can include everything from influencing potential early adopters through online forums, to generating positive word-of-mouth, to getting your product in the national weekend supplements and on television. We will handle the photography, telling the media about it, and most importantly getting you, your product, and your service seen.

Press Office

We can handle your day-to-day press office on your behalf. This is a proactive and reactive service. We create news stories, set up press interviews, take your media calls, set up 'at desk' briefings with the press, write case studies, send letters to editors — basically secure ongoing, consistent coverage in your target media.

Marketing support

Newsletters, websites, ezines, e-shots, customer magazines... we write them all.

Events and Sponsorship

We carry out an end-to-end service, from handling your contract with events' organisers, to managing and processing your experiential strategy, right through to evaluating and reviewing your event.

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